Monthly Archives: July 2007

VMmark 1.0 released; measure away

VMmark 1.0 is now live.

This release is the culmination of lot of effort by the VMmark team. Big congrats to them to get this tool available to the virtualization community.

Having worked in the virtualization performance arena for about 5 years, I can attest to the need for standard benchmark. There are so many variables due to the layers of software running on layers and then resource sharing on top that it is very difficult to make sense of data presented by customers, partners, the press and the community at large. VMmark attempts to address this by creating a standard benchmark.

What’s this “quick migration” business; Microsoft confusing you again?

I found Micorosft’s recent Live Migration related announcement rather puzzling.

The Register published an article “Microsoft promises VMware beater despite reversals” that everyone should read. You’ll get a laugh out of it. I sure did and it started my morning off just right!

Instead of providing details of this bogus idea of “quick migration”, the Microsoft rep takes the press to task:

“The recent press has been inaccurate to say we don’t do migration – we do migration: quick migration”