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HotStorage 2011 Program Committee Meeting

Folks: just a heads up … The HotStorage 2011 PC meeting is being held on Monday April 11.

As program chair this year, I’m hosting the meeting at VMware which will be including some of the brightest minds in storage research in the world. Building E, here we come. If there are brown-outs, it’s probably due to the sheet amount of brainpower assembled there 🙂 Here is the full list.

Several people are flying in, some are local and yet others are dialing in. When assembling this PC, I had several objectives. One of course was to collect up the top brains in this fast-moving area of research. Another was diversity, of every type. I’m super impressed with the group of people who agreed to serve on the committee.

As for the program, we had a record number of submissions (60% more than last year) which just goes to show you how active this area is. The review rounds are done leading up to Monday’s meeting. I’ve been spending time organizing the papers to optimize our team. There are so many good ones that I’m sure the selection process will not be easy.

As is appropriate for all academic venues of good repute, HotStorage has a very strict conflicts policy. So, even as chair, I’ll sit out some paper discussions to avoid even the potential appearance of conflicts against some papers from colleagues or ex-colleagues. The same applies to all PC members. Another thing that I have done is require extra reviewing for PC member papers which lifts the quality bar for them.

I’ll post interesting tid bits from the meeting later.