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Irfan Ahmad is Founder and Chief Executive Officer of CachePhysics, a stealth-mode startup, which he cofounded in 2017.

Irfan was Founder and CTO of CloudPhysics for 5 years where he built the engineering team and helped bring to market the world’s first SaaS ITOA product.

Prior to CloudPhysics, Irfan was at VMware for 9 years, where he was R&D tech lead for the DRS team and co-inventor for flagship products, including Storage DRS and Storage I/O Control. (DRS team products are responsible for more than $1B ARR). Irfan worked extensively on interdisciplinary endeavors in memory, storage, CPU, and distributed resource management, and developed a special interest in research at the intersection of systems. Irfan also spent several years in performance analysis and optimization, both in systems software and OS kernels. Before VMware, Irfan worked on the Crusoe software microprocessor at Transmeta.

Irfan’s peer-reviewed research has been featured at ACM SOCC (best paper), USENIX ATC (best paper), USENIX FAST, and IEEE IISWC. Irfan was honored to have chaired HotStorageHotCloud and VMware’s R&D Innovation Conference (RADIO). Irfan is a founding chair of USENIX HotEdge, the first workshop on the topic of Edge Computing. Irfan serves on steering committees for USENIX HotEdge, USENIX HotStorage and USENIX HotCloud. Irfan has served on program committees for ATC ’18FAST ’17, INFLOW ’16, HotCloud ’16, MSST ’16, HotStorage ’12, HotStorage ’10, SYSTOR ’10. Other academic service includes serving as a reviewer for the ACM Transactions on Storage.

Irfan is an inventor on more than 35 granted patents across memory management, page replacement, quality of service management, I/O scheduling and caching. Irfan earned his pink tie from the University of Waterloo.

Please follow Irfan on Twitter @virtualirfan, on Google+, or on LinkedIn.

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