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High Availability (HA) is a common pattern in datacenter and application design for important workloads. Early in my time at VMware, we invested in a major initiative to bring HA within reach of all data centers running vSphere.The result: VMware HA, one of the most used automated features in VMware vSphere history (the other one being DRS). Yet, as IT teams have tried to operationalize VMware HA, they’ve come across numerous problems. The chief among them is knowing how to set it up properly so that the desired level of operations can be guaranteed in the case of failure.

My good friend Duncan Epping of VMware R&D is the world expert in VMware HA so I’ve been picking his brains about high availability topics for years. Recently, his help on two things was highly appreciated.

  1. The CloudPhysics suite of cards focused on high availability including
    • An automatic HA health check; think of it like vCheck for VMware HA
    • An HA Simulator; think of it as a flight simulator for your vSphere-based datacenter
  2. A brand new HA poster

Developing this poster was hard work! But I had tremendous fun putting the first version of this VMware HA poster together and getting it typeset and printed. Thanks to CloudPhysics for sponsoring the final graphics tweaking and the printing.

Printed Versions

If you’d like a copy mailed to you or for your vMug event, just drop me a line. Might take a month but we’ll get you a stack of posters.

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