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Honored to be Program Chair for HotStorage

I’m deeply honored to have been asked by USENIX to serve as the Program Chair for the 3nd Workshop on Hot Topics in Storage and File Systems (HotStorage ’11).

The workshop CfP is about to come out any day. I just finished assembling the program committee and writing the workshop overview last week. HotStorage is an awesome place to send your cool ideas. The program committee is absolutely top notch. How top-notch, you ask? Well, you can deal with a little suspense … I don’t want to jump the gun on the CfP yet.

In case you are interested, here are some links. HotStorage ’09 program committee & CfP, papers. HotStorage ’10 program committee, papers.

So, start working on those papers … 🙂


Program Committee Membership for ICDCS 2010

The program for the the 30th International Conference on Distributed Computing Systems was recently put up. I had the honor of being a member of the program committee for this prestigious venue. The program itself looks amazing and I’d encourage folks to take a look.

Here’s just a couple of papers I think are worth reading:

Chairing a session at HotStorage 2010

I am honored to have been asked to chair a session at the HotStorage 2010 workshop on Boston. Take a look at the program. My session includes two very interesting papers:

Funnily enough, Jiri chose the session title to be “All Aboard HMS Beagle”. Here’s his explanation: “the session name refers to Charles Darwin’s ship named Beagle. I chose the name because there isn’t really much technical commonality other than the words Adaptive and Evolution (hence the reference)”.

If folks are in the area, please consider registering and popping in. USENIX workshops are always very exciting mixers for industry and academia.

Black-Box Performance Control for High-Volume Non-Interactive Systems

One of the interesting papers presented at USENIX 2009 was “Black-Box Performance Control for High-Volume Non-Interactive Systems” [pdf][html[slides]. Since this is right up my alley, I paid close attention and took some notes. The paper was authored by several IBM Research folks: Chunqiang Tang, Sunjit Tara, Rong N. Chang and Chun Zhang.

First of all, this is interesting and thought-provoking work. However, the paper deals with a very constrained environment of throughput-centric systems and with only a single pool of threads. I have reservations about the general applicability of the system to, say, disk scheduling. Nevertheless, their black box treatment of the system (multiple unknown bottlenecks) is quite interesting and it really made me wonder how else it could be extended. The main problem is that if you have multiple controls in the system (e.g. cpu, memory, disk, etc) that the effective online search they are performing will get really tricky. Nevertheless, good food for thought.